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A Document proposed by Docteur Ripley D.Fox fox for the "Intergovernmental Spirulina Program"
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Ripley Fox, Director General I.S.P - C.I.S.R.I I thank you for your attention. I am Ripley Fox, Former Honorary Scientific General Director of the: Intergovernmental Spirulina Program, affiliate of the Collaborative Intergovernmental Scientific Research Institute, Rome.. known as CISRl.
Kwashiorkor This child has kwashiorkor. Kwashiorkor, in the Ga dialect of Ghana, means "the disease the first child gets when the second is on the way" and is largely due to deficiency in proteins, vitamins, and trace elements. We have seen this picture so often we are immune to the horror of it. For many years UNICEF reported that everyday 40,000 children were dying of malnutrition or malnutrition-related diseases. Now UNICEF reports around 30,000 deaths a day due to malnutrition. Since World War II this calculates to about 700,000,000 being allowed to die of malnutrition.
Everyday these children go through the agonies of hunger, the tearful weakness of wasting away for lack of proper nourishment.
In fact, however, there is no good reason why anyone should be hungry -especially not the children for they are helpless, we invited them and they are our tomorrow. Hunger is caused by greed and misplaced priorities - and this is quite clear to everyone who opens his eyes to the truth and forces his mind to accept it.
The people of all countries are confronted by a single problem: The world is made of gardens where food grows in abundance; it is made also of rock and desert and ice and angry oceans. Man's struggle to feed himself is not a fair struggle. Some must spend their entire time gathering food; while others have time to farm, to learn, to build wondrous things, time to enjoy, to celebrate and to invent new pleasures because they live near the gardens.
The unfairness of nature has helped to create those who have, and those who have not. What could be more natural than for those who have not to desire what those who have have ?

As little as a century ago nations lived so far apart from each other that this resentment rarely boiled over. Now it is an everyday problem as the haves and the have nots are constantly rubbing shoulders through radio, television, travel, literature, etc.., and the problem is how to keep peace between the two groups.
Complex answers to a complex problem, instead of confronting the problem, create further problems. The answer to establishing and keeping peace is quite simple: one side must give, in order to let the other side catch up; and the other side must strive to run faster. There is no other way to knock down the mountain tops and fi1l the vaIleys of inequality.
The most obvious part of the problem is food. Nothing else brings discontent more quickly than hunger.
Spirulina in lake Kanem & Inoculum cultures
The good news is: there is one ancient high-protein food rich in vitamins which can help us get on the road toward eradicating malnutrition during humanitarian urgencies:

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