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  14 Why should we grow Spirulina ?
therapeutic effects of Spirulina
Why should we grow Spirulina ?
It has been shown in more than 30 child nutrition centers, hospitals, and dispensaries throughout the developing countries that Spirulina, in doses of up to 10 grams dry weight per day, returns kwashiorkor and other protein-energy malnutrition victims to normal health within from one to three weeks' time. This is rehabilitation 2 to 3 times faster than with conventional treatment.
Spirulina is a solution to the tragic problem of malnutrition that needs not to depend on aid or purchase of a product from outside of one's country? . It can be produced locally. Its spectacular action against malnutrition is reason enough to grow Spirulina. But there are other reasons as well.
There are over 1000 published scientific articles concerning the biological effects of Spirulina; many books and university theses.
Two grams a day protects against xerophthalmia, a disease caused by vitamin A deficiency. The provitamin-A or beta-carotene in Spirulina has been shown to guard against certain cancers because of its antioxidant properties. It has a cholesterol-lowering effect. And through the action of its unusually high content of the non-saturated essential fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid, it strengthens in general the immune system.
Its high amount of assimilable iron and unusually level of vitamin B12 (not counting the B12 analog) makes it very effective against anemia
Two very important therapeutic effects of Spirulina are associated with the polysaccharide which it produces: it helps DNA to repair itself after damage by radioactivity - helpful for Chernobyl, and other nuclear disasters yet to come.
And, it inhibits the HIV-1 virus from replicating itself and from penetrating the membrane of the host cells. This action also has been documented concerning Herpes simplex, Influenza A, Mumps and Measles.

You don't have to ask yourself again if it is worthwhile to cultivate Spirulina.
The question is, "Why have those responsible for public health been so slow to get Spirulina to the people who need it ?" Probably because they have not heard about Spirulina, nor ever had the satisfaction of growing it, feeding it to malnourished children, and seeing the wonderful results.

Malnutrition is a crushing burden for the one who is malnourished.. It is a wasteful burden for a country .It is a dangerous burden for the international community. It is a burden we impose upon ourselves because we have not taken the trouble to think deeply about it. It is not a necessary burden.
Malnutrition in young children - and kwashiorkor is found most often in children between the ages of one and five - malnutrition causes mental retardation and physical weakness. This makes education from difficult to nearly impossible. Lack of learning is an invitation to disadvantage, less money, lower standard of living, lower social status, underproductivity, multiple illnesses, and dependence on the charity of others. Victims of malnutrition are a wealth that slips through the fingers of their country .

Healthy children can absorb education. Knowledge leads to opportunities, to inventiveness and success. Good health means more productivity, through more hours at work and fewer being sick; it means better interaction between the individual and management, and administration, and government goals. Good health leads to a higher standard of living, and that leads to having fewer children
The fall of population growth leads to better utilization of ressources between fewer people, and to reduction of pollution.
Education and good health fight poverty and make living in peace possible. Good health, just as bad health, flies to all corners of the Earth.
A most helpful step in this direction is to provide Spirulina particularly in emergency.
This has been an introduction to Spirulina - to its history, its composition, its value to health, its production and use, and its message to the international community.

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