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Training for PRODUCTION  of SPIRULINA with humane vocation

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1- The objective of training
2- Contents of formation
3- The teaching organization
4- Support
5- Training cost





1 Training objectives::

The objective of the training is to establish the professional skills and knowledge transferring technology, to implement the production of Spirulina as a nutritional supplement.
This program will form field agents for installation and operation of production equipment, adapted to the capacities of settings in the developing countries.

The focus will be a humane objective for the production of spirulina as a food complement combating malnutrition, otherbspecific needs or specific humane catastrophes.

The countries in which this production program would be set up, will be, but not limited to, the signatories of the COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa), or Member-States of ISP (Intergovernmental Spirulina Program)

The scale of feasibility can be custimized for a city, a village, or a local organization. Production training will be developed with appropriate technology for local development.

The two stages of the formation will be the technical training and hands on training.

It will be necessary to train experts able to install a production module to ensure its operation.

It will also be necessary to form a framework to direct the workforce, and to establish amiable relations with the local populations.


2 Contents of training course

The modules will be separated in specific topics:


 cyanobactéria species:



Its role in the food supply



Conditions of production

setting up

Production packaging:



 humanitarian urgencies


3 Organisation of training

- Trainers :
o Teachers will be either specialised professors or speakers, having worked for a long time in this field. They will focus on the objective of setting up production of spirulina for humanitarian purposes.

- Timing :
o The first teaching step will is in France, at the Vocational Hyères Training Centre (Var, France) where it will be possible to make practical applications in experimental basins, in any season, with the installations set up in greenhouses.

- Duration :
o The formation is organized in three phases to be held for three weeks total duration. Although the possibility exists to organize the training in three one-week periods, it is recommended for participants, living far away to take the training in a single three-week session in order to reduce travel costs.

- Probate :
o  While waiting for an international validation of this formation, a specific certificate of formation, established by the French Ministry of Agriculture, will be granted.



4 Support
- Professional Formation Centre

The C.F.P.P.A is a centre of the French Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Rural Affairs. Its principal mission is to provide continuous training to the specialized workforce. For exemple the principal fields of competences are: wine growing, bee keeping, horticulture and arboriculture, and landscaping.


The C.F.P.P.A also has an international role of cooperation and transferability of the institutional patterns.


The C.F.P.P.A is open minded to any missions of assistance to the developing countries as a mediator for economic systems to be improved.


The staff of about thirty people are either professors or project coordinators for the development of external actions.

The Director is a civil servant of the French Ministry for Agriculture, Fishing and Rural Affairs.

- C.F.P.P.A Experimentation

The C.F.P.P.A has facilities enabling itself to set up "life size " experiments, being used as teaching support within the formations.


- Training cost
The training cost is function of the type of formation requested:

            - Local training, in HYERES + personal alternate work

            - Continuous training with the CFPPA in Hyères

            - Locally trained on site in country of origin

Meals (except weekends) and lodging possible within the Campus of HYERES (8 people maximum.)
Any training activity will be the subject of a precise and detailed estimate.

Contact ::mailto:cfppa.hyeres@educagri.fr? subject=''contact pour formation algoculture''

 (Centre de Formation Professionnelle et de Promotion Agricoles à HYERES)




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